1 March 2017 to 28 February 2018

Cost to submit your tax return : 0.00

Please answer the questions below, selecting only those answers that apply to you.

During the tax period :- :


I received 1 or more IRP5's
I earned income from other sources whilst employed
I earned rental income from renting property
How many properties did you let?
I earned business income as a Sole Trader
I need accounting records to be processed and Annual Financial Statements to be prepared for income received as a Sole Trader


I received a fixed travel allowance
I was reimbursed for my travel expenses
I drove a company car and received a travel allowance
I have a travel log book
I need you to create a log book


I paid contributions to my own medical aid
I paid contributions to a family member's medical aid
I incurred medical expenses not covered by a medical aid
I paid contributions to my Retirement Annuity


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